street food : bread pakoda (deep fried sandwich)


When we arrived in India, bread pakoda was the first bona-fide street food we ate, a first bite into the chasm of Indian snacks and hand held foods.

We christened the pakoda as ‘deep fried sandwich’ until we found out some more information. It’s a street food staple in the northern part of India and something we saw for sale quite often around Rajasthan.

bread pakoda AKA deep fried sandwich

bread pakoda AKA deep fried sandwich


The concept is simple, plain white bread is stuffed with a filling of mushed up potatoes or potato curry, sometimes with peas, the sandwich is sealed with batter and deep fried. The one pictured includes paneer, a type of Indian cheese.

It’s hot, crispy and deliciously naughty. And for a fee of sixteen rupees, what’s not to like?



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