Indian street food : Jalebi (sugar syrup pretzels)


Jalebi are a common sight across Rajasthan, and other parts of India with vats of oil on street corners and vendors fishing golden orange rings from the hot oil. Variations also exist in middle eastern countries.

A sweet note, Jalebis are a flour and liquid mixture which is piped into hot oil and deep fried  until a golden yellow colour. After frying they are dipped in a sugar syrup mixture which can be flavoured with spices such as cardamon and  saffron , which presumably helps to give them the bright orange colour. Sometimes rose water can be added too.

Sourced from Flickr via a creative commons license, thanks to Nate Gray. No modifications made to the image.

When they are poured into the oil, the vendor swirls the batter to make a distinctive swirling circular pattern, similar to a pretzel.  They are very sweet,  we bought  a whole paper bag for only ten rupees! Far too many sweets for my not very sweet tooth.Can be served hot, or cold.


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