3 thoughts on “Udaipur City.

  1. I was in Rajasthan recently for the first time and it’s funny how many similar pictures we both have. Overall yours are better though! Too bad you didn’t like Jaipur – we had such a good time there. Though I guess it helps if you know people in the city. Keep having fun – I intend to do the same!

    • I saw your article about Indian streetfood and it reminded me of just how good Katchoris are! the things I would do for one of those. Headed to KL in a couple of days, so maybe, just maybe I could sniff one out in little India!

      Jaipur could have been great, unfortunately the people we ran into all wanted to use us for their own gain, which overall we found was absolutely the opposite of everyone else in India. We’re hoping to go back this year, perhaps to Kerala – the food looks amazing.

      • Definitely let me know if you’re going to Kerala. Been planning a trip there myself. Spend a couple of days in Bangalore – I can promise you great home cooking!

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