Freaky Friday: the strangeness of travel.


This morning we’re just hanging out in Hanoi post breakfast, drinking coffee. And we bump into this couple of ladies we’ve met on our travels. That’s not so unusual you would think? Well, no; except when we bumped into these guys when we were 3’ooo miles away in New Delhi, at one of three MASSIVE train stations. It was their first day of their holiday, and today was their last, which in itself is strange.

Oh, we also bumped into them in a restaurant in Jodhpur, AND at the Taj Mahal; as you do.

We’ve seen a few people several times, but usually in the same city, or neighbouring cities, not separate countries! Also,  turns out one of them lives in Cambridge, where I used to live, and is from near to Norwich, where I currently live (although, technically I’m homeless as I have no address, anywhere!)

We swapped blogs, so if you’re reading hello! Also, sorry I forgot to ask your names, numerous times!

Freaky. Anybody out there able to beat that for travel coincidences?


4 thoughts on “Freaky Friday: the strangeness of travel.

  1. Ness

    enjoying catching up on your blog! We also never asked your names. Vanessa, Newmarket. (Janey’s doing the blog) Hope you’re both well. x

  2. I can rival it, possibly. At the beginning of our travels we were in Rarotonga, in the South Pacific. Whilst trying to find the waterfall, we stopped an English guy on a moped to ask for directions. A month later, in Rotorua, New Zealand, we were checking into a hostel and saw that there was someone from our hometown of Cambridge by the name of Steve checked in to the hostel. We vowed to hunt him out and say hello. We came across this Steve in the hot tub and got chatting. Of course, not only did we live a mile apart and frequent the same pubs etc, but he was the same guy on the moped in Rarotonga!

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