Vietnamese street food : Banh Cuon (steamed pork & mushroom dumplings)


bánh cuốn hails from the northern provinces of Vietnam. The name literally translates as ‘rolled cake’ but is a savoury dish, not sweet often eaten for breakfast, or in the mornings.

The main ingredient is a sheet of rice flour batter which is super thin and steamed for a matter of seconds over a cotton cloth in a pan, it’s almost see through when cooked. The sheet is then filled with a mixture of wood ear mushrooms and ground pork. The sheets are wrapped up and cut into bite sized pieces.

It is usual to eat them topped with crispy fried onions and a piece of Vietnamese steamed ham, known as chả lụa (pork is seasoned and ground before being wrapped in banana leaves and steamed until a sausage-like loaf is made)

The pieces are dipped in nước chấm, before being eaten (pronounced more like nook chum)  – a dipping sauce, which blends sweet and salty flavours of fish sauce, palm sugar, lime and sometimes chilli and/or garlic depending on its use.

Expect to pay around 10’000-25’000VND per serving.


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