Vietnamese street food : Mien Loun (fried eel noodles)


Eel, or unagi in Japan, is probably my favourite sushi. So, it’s always good to eat these favourite flavours in other culinary cultures.

Nha Hang Mien Loun, is a little Canteen on Hang Dieu specialising in eel. They serve it up fried, in a thick soup and a vermicelli noodle soup style. The restaurant eas packed full when we visited.

We shared an eel soup and some fried eel.

The fried eel was strange, it was seemingly over seasoned with a lot of herbs,but as you ate more it sort of worked. it had familiar tastes of eel, but without the sweetness of the glaze I love with Japanese unagi eel.

The thick soup, could also be described as a porridge, congee like –  Again like all other food operations in Hanoi they have various pots and condiments to make the soup to your liking. It can be bland if you don’t add bits and pieces, and I found the eel to work especially well with a healthy lump of chilli sauce. It was pretty thick and gloopy, and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not initially, but found the eel to be quite hearty.


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