Vietnamese street food : Mi quang (turmeric noodles)


Mì quảng, (sometimes spelled my quảng) like cao lao is another dish from the central Vietnamese region, known as mien trung.

The wide rice noodles are made with turmeric which turns them slightly yellow, and served with sliced roast pork and prawns.

Other ingredients, including mint, spring onions, greens, peanuts and boiled quails eggs are all heaped on top of the noodles with the meat and prawns. A light broth is used, to coat the noodles only. According to the world wide web, the further south you live, the more broth you would add.

This is all topped with some sesame crackers, which adds a nice crunch to a nice, fresh and hearty dish.

Some useful phrases 

Sin chow – hello
Mot – one
Hai – two
Gam urn – thank you
Tra da – iced tea, a popular and cheap drink to accompany meals and usually available at hole in the wall restaurants


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