Vietnamese street food : Banh xeo (stuffed rice flour pancake)


Bánh xèo, (pronounced banh say-ow) and bánh khoai are quite similar, but have differing regional names.

We really enjoyed eating the bánh khoai in Huế, so I wanted to see if there was any difference   between the two dishes. The bánh khoai were served with a peanut and liver sauce but here we had a simple chilli sauce dip. bánh xèo are also a bit smaller. Both were served with a side of leaves and herbs.


The name bánh xèo translates as ‘sizzling cake’ in reference to the noise of the batter hitting the hot pan. The batter is made up of rice flour, coconut milk and turmeric although variations will exist up and down the country and it’s a more southern thing to include the coconut milk. We took a cooking class in Vietnam and found these ridiculously easy to make, stuffed inside with beanspouts, fatty pork and prawns they are a great finger food. You wrap them up in lettuce and dip in Nước chấm. Delicious

Vietnamese pancakes are one of my favourite meals in Vietnam, it’s simple, quick and cheap with a nice crunch plenty of flavour and a hint of chilli – what’s not to love?

Some useful phrases 

Sin chow
 – hello
Mot – one
Hai – two
Gam urn – thank you


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