Dear internet, i’m sorry i’ve been ignoring you.


Dear Internet, I’ve been a terrible friend.

The last few (*Cough* six) months have flashed by. Our time in Sydney has now come to it’s conclusion. We started off writing about our experiences here and exploring but as time passed, we got jobs and became more rooted. We had settled back into normality. A home from home. Sydney is probably the closest thing I have to a home at the moment. Having parents who emigrated here five years ago and no fixed address of my own I slipped back into a suburban lifestyle pretty seamlessly, even if we longed to live in the city, surrounded by all the trappings of any cosmopolitan lifestyle it was not the financial suicide we were prepared to make. We came here to earn more money to keep going, not earn just enough to pay city rent and drink lattes all day. The free suburban lodgings are hard to turn down when you work out a pokey little flat in a trendy neighborhood would cost $400+ per week. that sounds OK, right? but that’s $20’000 a year.Holy shit, Australia I can’t wait to get back to Asia it’s going to seem even cheaper than usual.

So i’m afraid commuting to work and drinking coffee at weekends does not an exciting blog make, but it does save some money to get places and explore…

We’ve got a few things still to write about from our Sydney adventures and the last few weeks of our time here we shirked work and got amongst it as much as possible, we took day trips, dived, snorkeled and even squeezed in a little wedding & honeymoon. words and pictures coming soon, i’m getting back into the swing of writing.

Whale Beach, Sydney.

Whale Beach, Sydney.

So we’re now into the fifteenth month of our travels and headed to our seventh country in that time as I type we’re flying over the Australian interior en route to Indonesia.

So, whats next? 

We’ve decided on a bit more long term travel, with no real concrete plans. We have a few things we want to do, places we want to go but we’re not going to put ourselves under any constraints. We’re traveling slow.

The rough plan currently (it changes…) is explore Indonesia for around six weeks and achieve a  whole heap of stuff we’ve been looking forward to for a while, seeing Komodo Dragons, visiting Borobudur, potentially seeing some Orangutans in Borneo & checking out some of Malaysian Serawak & Brunei. We’re hoping to be visiting some more off beat places before flying into Singapore and traveling overland north through Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and China. We would really like to check out the Philippines too, but it depends on the flights costs and our general budgeting. Hopefully the later should be easy as i’m planning on being militant with the budgets, spending as little as possible and jotting down all our outgoing in my notebook to work out our daily/monthly/country budgets for the purposes of writing and my own general curiousity.

Everywhere on this upcoming trip is new to us, apart from Thailand (I went to Malaysia as a kid, but i’m not counting it) and even in Thailand we’re going to seek out some new pastures. I’ve always concentrated on the middle and north on my own travels, and Jess has been more of an Island hopper. This time we’re going to see some of the southern islands together and hopefully base ourselves on one for a while and get some serious diving in. I’m also pretty chuffed to be involved with South East Asia Backpacker Magazine providing content and lording it up under the title of ‘brand ambassador’. It’s hopefully going to be a great ride, and will help me to improve my writing skills, general knowledge of this whole blogging thing and who knows, bigger and better things in the future. Dare to dream and all that.

So as I sit here, awaiting our next chapter in what has become an ever increasing collection of highs, lows, memories and amazing experiences I promise myself and anybody who is vaguely interested in reading (hi, mum!) that i’ll be writing more, photographing more; experiencing more & tasting more.


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