This week we’re… Still in Bali.


This week we’ve been excellent explorers.

We started the week in Ubud, where we’re still not sure what all the fuss is about, but we did enjoy getting out and walking in the countryside, there’s some beautiful scenery around there. Also, we had some great food experiences, more babi guling, traditional rendang, bakso, soto ayam. The list goes on.

We then travelled up the eastern coast to Amed where we settled in for a few days of diving. We dived the USAT Liberty Wreck, which was awesome, as well as a few other local sites. The corals, anemones and macro were excellent.

Currently hanging out in, Seminyak staying in our christmas present to ourselves ‘Brown Feather Hotel’.

Highs – diving the wreck was fantastic, where we saw some Hawksbill turtles & getting my name in lights at SEAbackpacker.

Lows – getting stuck in the Balinese equivalent of The Bates Motel, in the grottiest town in Bali, Padang Bai,

Lotus ponds in Ubud

Lotus ponds in Ubud

Until next time!



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2 thoughts on “This week we’re… Still in Bali.

  1. Hey! Stumbled upon your blog and I like it much. I just went to Bali a few months back and I absolutely enjoyed it. I agree with you on Ubud, but it still has its own mystical charm. Hope you were able to go to some of the nearby islands!!

    Happy 2014!

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