Indonesian street food : Soto ayam (chicken soup)


Soto ayam translates literally as chicken soup. That’s not very exciting, right? But like anything simple, done well it’s good.

The chicken is roasted and the meat shredded from the carcass, the stock like any other soup base is made from the leftovers and bones. Turmeric is added to turn the broth a mild yellow colour. Vermicelli noodles are, in our experience the regular carb ‘filler’ but  we have had it served with rice also, which transforms it slightly from a light soup to more of a congee.

Soto ayam

Soto ayam

Due to having our camera stolen in Indonesia, I don’t have any original images from our eating adventures. Images here are used under a creative commons license via Flickr. These image has not been altered and you can view the originals at the following link – Thanks, Stijn Nieuwendijk

Google tells me it can also be served with lontong, or other compressed rice but I have not found this in our experience – Perhaps in other regions.

Depending on the price, extras can include hard boiled egg, fresh tomato and shredded greens.

Prices varied  from 7’000 to 20’000 rupiah in our experience from a street cart to a wurung in touristy Ubud. It’s a decent, hearty meal and a safe option if you’re new to Indonesian food, streetfood or warungs in general.

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    • Thanks,

      It’s a shit, but hey it happens. I’ve never ever had anything stolen on my travels, so it’s probably about time – I just wish I had my go a few years back when i didn’t have my Macbook or GoPro with me.


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