Malay street food : Pai tee (top hats)


Pai tee are a Perankan dish, popular in Melaka. They are similar to popiah, in that they use the same ingredients and many places that sell one will also stock the other.


Vegetables in pastry cups

Vegetables in pastry cups

A lot of places in Melaka will refer to them as top hats, due to their shape – an upside down top hat, made from a pastry casing is filled -with some precision as they are one bite wonders- with a blend of sliced Jicama (a turnip like vegetable also known in Malaysia as sengkuang) julienne cucumber, slithers of omelette and a sweet drizzle make pai tee proof that good things can come in small packages! The flavours work to create a fresh, sweet and tart flavour combination– they are not a meal in their own right, but add a nice crunchy texture to enjoy in addition to a main meal, and were a delicious addition for us to laksa lemak or mee siam.
Expect to pay less than five ringgits.

Satu – One
Dua – Two
Hello  – Hello
Apa kabar – are you well/ how are you?
salamat pagi – good morning
Salamt tingal – goodbye
sila (see luh) – please
Terima kasih –  Thank you
berapa harga – how much?
tidak pedas – no chilli
bungkus – Take away
Tidak – No
Ya – yes
Maaf – sorry


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