Thai street food : Khao tom muu (rice soup with pork)


Our Asian breakfasts usually consist of noodle soup, but sometimes if I’m just not feeling It in Thailand, I hunt down some delicious khao tom. (pronounced a bit like cow-tum)

Khao tom is a rice soup, the grains are cooked out with stock until they are soft – it’s often served with pork (muu) or chicken (gai) The pork is my favourite because balls of mince are poached in the soup and it gives a really nice meaty taste to the rice stock.

kreung prung

kreung prung

The meal is topped with chopped spring onions, coriander and fried garlic and you can have the usual caddy of flavour enhancing condiments – crushed chillies, sugar, chillies in vinegar and fish sauce; I like to add a little crushed chilli to mine.  This tray is known as kreung prung.

One additional ingredient which turns this into a breakfast of champions is the addition of an egg (khai) into the soup.

The above pictures are sourced from Flickr via a creative commons license, thanks Yasuo Kida

A relative of khao tom is jok, which is cooked out to a porridge-like consistency also known as congee which is prevalent all over the region; for example in Vietnam it’s known as cháo, bubur in Indonesia and khào piak in Laos..

Useful words

Nueng – one
Sawng – two
Muu – pork
Gai – chicken
khai – egg
Tow rai?  – how much
Aroy – delicious  


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