Thai Streetfood : Yum Muu Yor (spicy sausage salad)


Street food opportunities are abundant in Thailand, with carts and pop up street restaurants everywhere. When the cover of night falls, plastic chairs are whipped out in front of closed shops, people drink, eat and socialise on the street.

Thailand, the sausage champion of Asia and there are a few that the reasonably inquisitive traveller will more than likely stumble across. Sai oua, sia krok and muu yor.

Sai oua, a grilled coarse pork sausage made with big explosions of flavour and spice. Sia krok, a pinkish coloured fermented sour pork and rice sausage originating from the Eastern province of Isaan.

Muu yor is also a pork sausage but white in colour, and more rubbery in texture due to the cooking method being steaming as opposed to grilling. It’s got a clean flavour and smooth texture, it carries bigger, hard hitting flavours well.

Yum muu yor: Thai steamed sausage salad

Yum muu yor: Thai steamed sausage salad

Yum, in Thai refers to a spicy salad and moo yor is the main ingredient, to simplify, or anglicise it could be a ‘spicy steamed sausage salad’.

Sliced muu yor is mixed with sliced chilli, lime juice, slithers of onion, garlic, herbs and mixed leaves.

Best served with sticky rice (khao niao) and some smoky barbecued meat.

Some useful words

Neung – one
Sawng – two
mai phet’ – not spicy
phet nit nawy’ — a little bit spicy.
Phet mak – very spicy
Aroy – delicious
Mai Sai Prik Khap/khaa – no chilli (M/F)
Sai tung – take away (put in a bag)
Pai sed – special, as in the large size in at a foodcourt.
Tow rai? – how much


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