Thai streetfood : Khai Jeow muu (thai style omelette with pork)


A Thai omelette is a curious thing.

A mix of eggs, pork mince and a splash of soy sauce are poured into boiling hot oil, a ‘thai style’ omelette is different in appearance, ingredients and flavour.

Whereas a European omelette is a slow cooked even texture, the signs of a good Thai omelette are the variations in texture – Crispy dark edges with a light and fluffy middle, it can look more like a poppadum with blistered, glossy skin.

Khai Jeow muu

Khai Jeow muu

Khai jeow is served on top a mound of jasmine rice, with chilli sauce on the side, the thai condiment, sriracha – a tomato sauce, heavy with chilli and garlic – is perfect. If the flavours aren’t quite right for you, use the caddy of flavours on the restaurant table, called kreung prung. It’s not salty, or spicy enough a few spoons of prik nam pla (fish sauce with chilli) will round off the flavours. Aroy!

It’s the Thai comfort food, and although I like it for breakfast it works just as well any time of the day.

Phrases worth knowing

mai phet – not spicy
phet nit nawy – a little bit spicy.
Phet mak – very spicy
Mai sai prik/sriracha/muu Khap – no chilli/chilli sauce/pork please (khap is only for males, females use ‘khaa’
Sai tung – take away  (literally means put in bag)
Pai sed –  when ordering it means the large size, or special – the difference is often around 10 baht on a street cart.
Tow rai? – how much.
Arroy! – delicious  


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