Thai street food : Ka na muu krob ( crispy pork with kale)


Street food opportunities are abundant in Thailand, with carts and pop up street restaurants everywhere. When the cover of night falls, plastic chairs are whipped out in front of closed shops, people drink, eat and socialise on the street.

ka na muu krob is a dish of crispy pork and chinese greens in gravy. It’s pretty easy to find this all over the country in pop up street restaurants and mobile kitchens.

Chunks of deep fried belly pork are added to stir fried Chinese kale in a gravy of garlic, oyster sauce, soy and sugar. Based on the flavours and ingredients presumably this dish has Chinese heritage – the use of Chinese kale, known as gailan in Cantonese and oyster sauce another common Cantonese ingredient.

The sauce is a salty, sweet and heavy on the garlic. It’s thin, almost like a dressing but packed full of flavour with the pork which is fatty, juicy and super crisp.  

Ka Na Moo Krob (Crispy pork belly with Gailan) - Koon Thai

Photo sourced from Flickr using a creative commons license. Thanks, Kirk K – no modificatons made.  

I like this, a lot – It’s a go to dish and, like pad kra pao something that’s a guaranteed pleaser if I’m not sure what I want to eat. It’s also cheap and easily found in street kitchens.
A fried egg (khai dow) on the side is an excellent choice and usually sets you back around 10Baht extra. Fried eggs will be cooked in wok with an excess of very hot oil you should expect to get crispy edges. If you’re having trouble getting a soft yolk you could try asking for khai dow mai suk.

Some useful words

Neung – one
Sawng – two
mai phet – not spicy
phet nit nawy’  – a little bit spicy.
Phet mak – very spicy
Aroy – delicious
Mai Sai Prik Khap/khaa – no chilli (M/F)
Sai tung – take away (put in a bag)
Pai sed – special, as in the large size in at a foodcourt.
Tow rai? – how much.
Khai dow – fried egg
Khai dow me suk – fried egg ‘soft’ (hopefully with a runny yolk) 


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