Cambodian street food : chilli cockles


It’s not often I post about things we haven’t actually eaten, in fact never – But, I was pretty surprised by the cockle sellers in Cambodia, for a couple of reasons.

Battambang chilli cockles

Battambang chilli cockles

On the one hand, I’m quite amazed that anyone thought that pushing trays of shellfish around in the midday sun was a good idea; and then on the other I’m surprised that small cities like Battambang can sustain so many people trading the same product.

I’m usually fairly fast and loose with my digestive health, an adventurous spirit, a street food gambler – although Pani puri proved to be a step too far –  I love cockles, but I just couldn’t justify buying unrefrigerated shellfish in the middle of the hottest time of year.

If anybody managed to enjoy these without gastrointestinal adventures, I would greatly like to know more.


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