Malaysian Street Food: Nasi goreng kampung (‘village’ fried rice)


Fried rice is well known throughout South East Asia as a way to use up leftover rice from the day before. It’s also grown popular with travellers as being quick, easy and adaptable. So many variations exist throughout the region. In Thailand it’s known as khao pad and in Indonesia it’s considered one of the national dishes and also uses the Bahasa name nasi goreng. It’s often sold in warungs, temporary restaurants and street carts all over the region.

Out of all the one plate dishes, this is one of the best for me. A rival to my Thai favourites, pad kra pao & kana muu krob.
Kampung fried rice is a malaysian twist on the well known dish – It’s a simple fried rice, flavoured with leftover fish, chicken or seafood. Generally, it’s pretty punchy with chilli, garlic, belechan, (a type of shrimp chilli paste) soy sauce and shallots served with sambal. The best ingredient is the addition of fried anchovies, known in Bahasa as ikan billis which gives a crunchy texture and salty balance to everything.

As with most nasi goreng or fried rice,  it’s served with the ubiquitous protein hit of egg mixed into the rice or a fried egg on top.

Nasi Goreng kampung is generally considered pretty spicy by western standards and I’ve asked for it ‘lagi pedas’ and yeah, it’s hot.

Phrases worth knowing!

Satu – One
Dua – Two
Tiga – Three
Hello  – Hello
Apa kabar – are you well/ how are you?
salamat pagi – good morning
Salamt tingal – goodbye
sila (see luh) – please
Terima kasih –  Thank you
berapa harga – how much?
tidak pedas – no chilli
Telur – Egg
bungkus – Take away
Tidak – No
Ya – yes
Maaf – sorry


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