Malaysian Street Food : Lor Bak (Fried five spiced pork rolls)


Lor bak is a typical dish of the Penang area, often found in kopitiams, (the Hokkien word for coffee shop) and hawker collectives.  Historically, It comes from the Chinese Teochew and Hokkien ancestry.

The dish itself is more of a snack or finger-food, pork is seasoned with a five spice mix and rolled in thin beancurd  sheets before being deep fried until all crispy and golden. Like loh mee, it is served with a thick, emulsified brown gravy thickened with cornflour.

Lor Bak

Photo supplied via Flickr with a creative commons license – Thanks, Chee Hong.

Lor bak is a festive food for the Chinese New Year, however hawkers prepare and cook lor bak all year round. Often they sell other fried finger foods, such as fried fish balls, beancurd and minced prawns. One local I spoke with recommended the hawker at Kheng Pin Café, a hawker collective who sell amongst other things Hokkien mee and char kway teow.
try not to t sit at the tables closest to the lor bak seller if you don’t want to smell like the frying oil.


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