Australia street food : Meat Pie


I took the opportunity, at the beginning of our foreign jollys to create this space as a place to write about the food of the world and a few assorted travel tales. That was the idea.

We had a lovely time all through India and South East Asia, eating almost anything we laid our eyes upon; taking photos of it and trying to articulate it in blog form. Then we arrived in Australia and as anybody who reads this with even slight regularity (hi mum) will know, we haven’t been writing about anywhere near enough food, because Australia isn’t really about ‘Streetfood’.

We could write about places we eat, but we normally find out where to eat from established, and excellent Sydney food blogs – usually just the guys at streetfood – So we’ve mostly just resorted to documenting our travels with photographic joie de vivre.

This must and will change, and we will soon ( not that soon) embark on new travels to distant lands where strange and unusual foods are cooked on street corners by cheery looking ladies, who only ask us for a dollar for morsels of explosive flavour and joy.

What is more Australian than a meat pie?

mmmmm…. pie.

Meat pie is an iconic dish of Australia, NSW premier John Carr described it, in 2003 as the “national dish” and Holden produced an amazing advert in the 1970’s which claims Australian people like “football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars”. You have to see it to believe it.

Harrys Cafe de Wheels is, seemingly a bit of a Sydney institution. It’s been around since 1945, and has now franchised out all over the city with several other stores. Wooloomooloo is the original, although not on wheels anymore.

The original pie, a ”Tiger” named after Harry, the owner is served with a mound of rich creamy mash, mushy peas and gravy.

Over the years Harry’s has served plenty of the rich and famous, and many of their pictures are displayed on the outside of the caravan including Anthony Bourdain, Frank Sinatra, Richard Branston, and Harland ‘colonel’ Sanders of KFC fame. Crazy.

This is, I’m ashamed to say our first visit to Harry’s and I’m pleased to announce we shall be making the pilgrimage again. Also, from the tight travellers point of view it’s about as cheap as you’re likely to find in Sydney – $6.20 for a feast.



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