A teardrop on the face of eternity. Taj Mahal! Agra.


The poet Rabindranath Tagore described the Taj Mahal as ‘a teardrop on  the face of eternity’.  The armies of people cannot take anything away from it’s resplendent beauty.

It’s pretty awesome.

Jaipur, Royal Gaitor & Nahargarh fort.


Had a quick stop over in Jaipur. It’s fair to say we’re not mad keen on this city but these two sites were pretty good.

Raj Mandir, Jaipur.


Another tick off the bucket list!

Tonight we went to see a film at the fantastic art deco cinema Raj Mandir.

It’s quite an experience, I urge anybody travelling in India to see a Bollywood film. was a lovely way to end an otherwise fairly crappy day.

Tiger hunting, Ranthambore National Park.


Rajasthan has a couple of National Parks with wild bengal tiger populations. Currently 53 tigers live in an area of approximately 392 km2  

Other animals living in the park include, Monkeys, Deer, sloth bears, leopards, wild boar and a wide variety of birds, including Kingfisher, Eagles and Peacocks. All of which we saw!
We were lucky enough to see not one tiger, but two! A tigress and her cub.

I’m fully aware these pictures are pretty lame, firstly, I don’t have the lenses for wildlife photography and secondly I was too busy staring at it in awe.


Humayun’s tomb, Delhi.


Persian style tomb, commissioned by his widow.

Pretty awesome spectacle, more photos with Indians, this time I was told I have the beard of Shah Jahan. Could be worse…