Sydney : Carriageworks


Sydney has a fantastic arts scene with loads of great galleries and art projects. We’ve been working our way around a few, and wandered down to Eveleigh to check out Carriageworks.

The site is a converted railway workshop complex built in 1880 and employed thousands of people in Sydney during its peak. It has since been decommissioned and the area has that fantastic inner city urban wasteland feel to it. As we wandered down from Redfern train station we couldn’t help but to notice the similarities between the terrace housing and converted factory buildings to London streets. The grey skies and wet weather only helped to reinforce the comparison


The Carriageworks site is awesome; both literally, and in a modern sense. It has retained so much of the industrial and mechanical history, with battered old wooden doors, vast open spaces and high ceilings whilst also beautifully modern. I’m a sucker for regeneration, and here the old and the new are happily co-existing.

‘Waste not’

We actually went to see Song Dong’s exhibition ‘Waste Not’ a conceptual exhibition of over 10’000 domestic items left by his mother. It’s a hoarders treasure chest and an organisers wet dream. It seems a little bizarre to catalogue a dead womans possessions and neatly arrange them for people in another country to look at. We like many others had a curious muse at cardboard boxes and far too many bowls for one person and then wandered next door to Eveleigh Markets for a coffee and some breakfast.


Carriageworks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh. 


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