Indonesian street food : Kupat Tahu (tofu and ketupat salad)



Kupat tahu wasn’t really something I had any intention of trying it just sort of happened one afternoon, sitting around on the beach with a Jaja, a local surfer we hung out with.

It’s a pretty simple meal,  like a lot of street cart recipes, it doesn’t involve hundreds of ingredients. Cubes of fried of tofu are mixed with ketupat, beansprouts peanut sauce and fried onions.

Due to having our camera stolen in Indonesia, I don’t have any original images from our eating adventures. Images here are used under a creative commons license via Flickr. These image has not been altered and you can view the originals at the following links – Thanks,  fitri-agung  & Faniez.

Ketupat is one of several Indonesian (although, eaten across South East Asia) compressed rice products and is pretty similar to lontong, which is often served with sate.

The distinction between the products is that lontong is wrapped in a banana leaf, cylindrical and boiled. In my experience the green of the leaf can bleed onto the rice.

Ketupat is a made using a small woven box made from young coconut leaves which is steamed. Personally, I cannot really see too much difference between the two products, my untrained palate may have missed the subtle differences. It’s also kind of hard to pick these out when they are coated with sauce, which by the way in this instance was thick and packed full of flavour.

Flavourwise it all kind of works, it looks a bit seventies on the plate, all shades of brown & off white. In the nicest way possible, it’s a kind of mushy, cold mixture with peanut sauce smothered on top. Probably not for everyone, The fairer half of this eating tag-team has some issues with texture and wouldn’t go near it.  I would happily eat it again.

We paid 8’000 Rupiah from a street cart.


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